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NCIS Season 13 Episode 18


A couple while travel in desert, they are ambush by sniper. They are killed before they can reach help.

At MTAC, NCIS get called from iraq about the death of couple. They tell them they are killed by sniper with very long range.

Abby thinks that sniper get weapon from US military, they tells Gibss about Davis that his unit is attacked and get weapon stolen.

Gibbs goes to talk with Davis, he tells him that one of his weapon is missing. He tells him that they are destroyed. But he refused to help him.

Gibbs asks McGee to talks to his daughter to get more information, while he is waiting there.

Abby found that Dodd’s passport is used by someone¬†from the airport, they found where is his hotel. But he is gone, they found that he ship the gun back to himself.

Davis finally talks to Gibbs about what happen to his weapon, he tells them that after he is knock down by RPG. They might through that he die, after that they found that he is missing.

With McGee’s help, Gibbs found him at night.¬†He thinks he try to suicide, he convinces him to not give up.

They found that sniper, he is Cross. Abby found that Cross might target the plan at airfield. Gibbs and them rush to there.

They found that the target is the Saudi business man, Gibbs try to find Cross. When the plane approach, Gibbss found him and shoot him down.