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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 5


10 years ago, Foggy and Matt go to the party, it’s first time Matt met Elektra. She tells him about she is her for mission. She wants to help her about case. But he disagreed.

Next day Foggy found that there is deposit to their bank, Matt tells them not to use it. He rush out to see Elektra.

Reyses’s man shows up to Murdog and Nelson, he wants all Grotte’s file from them. But he tells him to get subpoena then he will give him. He upsets and leave.

Mat following Elektra to the building that she has meeting, Karen goes to see Ben’s press editor. She try to convinces him about Frank’s truth, he allows her to dig about Frank.

Marci tells Foggy about Reyes’s plan she heard about, she is going to take down Daredevil too after she gets Frank.

Karen found out about where is Frank’s family is murdered. In past Elektra found out about what happen to his father, she tracks down his father’s killer and captured him. She lets him beats him down.

She tells him to kill him but Matt doesn’t want, she is disappoint in him. She killed that man instead and leave.

At night Matt goes to see Elektra, he asks her what she try to did to him. Then he found that Yakusa is shows up for her, he thinks that she try to manipulated him.