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Limitless Season 1 Episode 18


Brian tries to find Piper in Russian, he try to get help from contacts at Russian but after few vodka. He tells them everything about himself. After that he found that Piper is in prison.

Mike,Ike tells Rebecca about Sand, they think that he might involve some how. Brian goes to see Lavrov. He exchanges with him for Piper and get her out of prison.

Piper tells him how she gets arrest, she want to create enzyme but she failed to steal it. She tells him that Zukov own the seed, they are figure out how to get it.

At night they go to Zukov’s mansion for party, they are going to to get it. Rebecca tells Naz that she wants to find Brian herself, she asks her for vacation so she can go find him.

While Brian distract Zukov, Piper sneaks in to get the seed. But one of his guard following her and attack her, Piper gets out and try to escape. But Brian is arrested instead. After that Piper comes back to help him out of prison.

Sand found that Brian is with Piper, Brian try to reach Rebecca to tell her that he is ok. Rachel decides to tells Rebecca about what happen that night, she tells her that guy injured is Sand.