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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 4

Penny and Dime

Finn shows up at Irish gang meeting, he is upsets that his son is killed. He killed their leader, he tells them to  find Frank and bring it to him.

They track him to his place, they found where he is heading. Frank notices them outside his place.

Karen shows Matt and Foggy about the punisher’s file, she thinks Rayes might be worst then him, she thinks she cover up something. But after that they found Karen is missing with his file, they think she goes after him.

Karen goes to see Buck, he is freak out. He tells her about dead of Frank, he tells her how he wake up from death. He tells her where is his home.

Frank found Irish’s gang surround him, he try to sedate him. But Frank try to escapes, but he is knocks down and taken.

Matt found that Frank is taken by Irish, he found one of survivor. He questions him where is Frank. Karen sneaks in his house.

Finn questions Frank about his money and his people, but he won’t tells him anything. He upset and tortured him.

Matt sneaks in Finn’s lair and knock down his men, Finn gives up on tortured him instead he is going to tortured the dog. He tells him where is his money, his men goes to take it. They are killed in trap.

Frank escape out and kill Finn and his men, but when he is cornered. Matt shows up and help him out while stop him from kill any of them.

Karen notices Rayes and her men at his house, she escapes. Polices shows up, Matt hands Frank to them. They let him out, he wants them to take credits for get Frank.

At night Elektra shows up at Matt’s room.