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Gotham Season 2 Episode 14

This Ball of Mud and Meanness

Oswald aggressive behavior is removed, Dr. Strange tells Peobody that method works. Cat gives Bruce a gun, he wants it to kill Matches.

Alfred tells Bruce about Cupcake, he run the Mutants. He think Matches might be there, Alfred and Bruce go to see him and ask about Matches.

He wants to fight with Alfred and 50K, then he will tells them about Matches. He has no choice but agreed. He wins barely before unconscious, he tells them where is Matches. Alfred is sent to hospital, he tells him to wait for him.

But Bruce decides to go alone. Gordon goes to asks Enigma about Kringle, but he say he knows nothing.

Alfred tells Gordon and Bullock about Matches, he thinks Bruce go after him alone. At night Bruce goes to see Jeri, he wants her to tell him where is Maches.

Gordon found him and try to stop him, but Jeri’s men help him from Gordon. He is upset and arrest her.

Bruce goes there and found him, he tells him he wants to hire him. He questions him about his previous job. He tells him that he killed his parents, but when he asks him to kill him he won’t. He lefts hi gun to him, he use it and suicide himself.

After Dr. Strange test Oswald, he is released out. He tells Peobody that he has plans for Oswalkd.

Bruce decides to goes to live with Cat, he lefts his not to Alfred not to come to get him back.