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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 3

New York’s Finest

Matt wakes up and found he is chained, the punisher is there.While Reyes tells them to keep out otherwise they will blame them about this.

Foggy is looking for Claire, but he found that the hospital is fulled of injured of member gang.

Grotto called back and tells that he is leaving them now for his life, Matt try to convince the punisher to stop but he won’t.

Karen goes to blackmail Rayes to help Grotto, she digs all their thing and wants their help about the punisher. She gets something from him.

Matt wakes up and found The punisher get Grotto, he tells him to confess what he did. He is going to kill him, Matt try to get out.

The punisher shoot at Grotto, Matt gets out and stop him. Then he try to attack the biker gang, Matt try to stop him and knock him down. Gang biker spots them and coming after them.

Matt get the punisher to safe place and he knock all of them down.