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Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 3 Episode 12

The Inside Man

Gideon feeds the local inhuman to Ward, he try to knocks him down with this power but failed.

Tabbot’s wife is upset because he accepts new job at ATCU. Coulson goes to see Tabbot to talks about ATCU.

Shield goes to the conference about alien’s. Sky is upset about it, May and Lincoln are on security protect on Coulson.

Lincoln found that Creel is after Coulson, May and Lincoln shows up and knock him down. Tabbot tells them that Creel is here to protect him. Coulson agreed to let Tabbot and Creel to the conference.

Coulson and Tabbot are looking for the inside man who is inhuman and try to figure out who. Tabbot suspects every one there. While they are in conference, his team check on each of member.

They found the Australian’s member is suspicious. They try to get in her room to check, Bobbi found that she get hand on inhuman for experiment.

During conference Tabbot arrest Coulson, Gideon shows up and tell them he is head of Hydra. Coulson found that Tabbot is inside man. May and them found that Hydra black mail Tabbot to betray Coulson.

Gideon won’t keep his word and release his son, Creel shows up and rescue them out. Bobbi and Hunter go in to get him out, they found Creel with them. Coulson asks them to go after Gideon while him and other will find Talbot’s son. But May shows up with his son.

Coulson thinks that Gideon report to someone. Bobbi and Hunter following Gideon to his destination.