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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 2

Dogs to a Gunfight

Foggy try to looking for Matt, after he found that there is a shot nearby. He goes there to check, he found him lie on ground. He still alive.

Matt tells him that he wants to stop him, but Foggy convinces him to let NYPD and DA do their job. Karen and Grotto are safe with NYPD.

Foggy goes to asks Grotto about that guy, he tells him about rumor he heard but he won’t believe. Police tells them that this man might Daredevil copycat.

DA office shows up to Grotto, Foggy and Karen try to make deal with them for Grotto. They tell them about punisher.

Matt found that his ear is injured, Punisher goes to get police scan but he found that shop owner is try to sell woman. He killed him.

Matt takes his suit to Malvin to fix it, while at night he goes to check the crime scene. He found the punisher’s blood and following the trace to his hideout.

The punisher goes out to killed the bike gang, Matt found out about DA’s plan with Grott. But DA plans to use Grotto to lure the punisher, the truck shows up but it’s not him.

But the punisher is there try to get Grotto, but Matt shows up and stop him. Police starts to shoot at both of them, Matt and the punisher fight and fell down on ground.

Foggy rush to there and found both of them are gone.