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Marvel’s Agents of Shield Season 3 Episode 11

Bouncing Back

Colombia’s police rush to the crime scene, they are attacked by invisible force. Their weapon are taken.

Mr. President goes to see Coulson, he tells him news about metahuman they must do something about it. He wants ATCU will be the front while Shield will be working behind it. Coulson agreed.

Sky and.. goes to see Columbia’s police about what happen. Mack,  Hunter and Bobbi goes to check the scene and send back to Simmon and Fitz.

Mack found the thief but he is knocked down by her, He is kidnapped to her lair. Shield found that Mack is kidnapped by thief. Sky and them goes to get him back.

Coulson wants to get in Von’s head. They thinks it’s not possible, they put him in machine. They ask him about Gideon but he say nothing help. They asks Lincoln to help him out of the loop. It works, he tells them how he contact Gideon.

After she wakes up they try to calm her down. She tells them that they didn’t try to use weapon, but they destroy it. Hunter and Bobbi captured him but local police with meta human shows up. They are captured and her cousin is killed.

Mack convinces her to help them stop them, she tells them about her power. At night they sneak in the police station to get Hunter and Bobbi out.

Coulson goes to the channel that Von used to see Gideon, he try to track back to Gideon. He tells him that he is after him.

While shield bring the local inhuman in, he is captured by hydra. They try to recruit Elena, but she wants to go home.