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Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1


At night robbers are chasing by police, before one of them will kill police. Daredevil shows up and knock him down, after that police sound of bang, police found that all robes are knock down.

Today Nelson and Murdog have a lot of client, Karen explains them about all client. After that she tells them that they are broke. Matt tell her that they will managed.

At night, Irish’s boss shows up at the meeting with gang. He tells his men about history about Iris’s gang. They plan to take down the dark business, but before meeting end. They are attacked and get killed.

At night in bar, Matt notices that one of man Grotto looks at Matt. He goes to talks to him, he tells them about Irish’s gang and he is the survivor.

He wants Nelson and Mulder to represent him to get to DA, he wants deal to get out of this town.

They head to crime scene, Matt try to get information from police, Brett. They make the deal with him for help each other. They found that new player is shows up in town since last week and get rid the bike gang.

Matt goes out at night to ask for information, he tells him about warehouse that he wants.

Foggy goes to bike gang lair, he goes to see Smitty. But his men doesn’t allow him to see. But he convinces one of them to tell him what happen to their leader, Smitty. Matt goes to check the warehouse, he found some trace of weapon. He also found the survivor of gang, he try to get him out. He tells him that guy who did this to him is one man.

At hospital, a man shows up with his gun. He try to get Gotto. But Karen helps him out on time, but before he sniper on Gotto. Matt shows up and stop him, but he knocks him down.

Matt following him, but he is shot by him.