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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 8

Et Tu, Doctor?

Lucifer is celebrate of his re-birth about he burned his wing. Chloe and Dan show up to happy birthday him.

Malcom the guy that Chloe think is dirty copy is wake up from coma, Chloe and Dan go to see him. He wants to talks to her.

Next day Lucifer and Chloe go to check Dr. Shaw, he is killed last night. They question his wife, but she seems ok. Chloe tell them that they need psychologist to get read the patient files. Lucifer make Linda as their psychologist.

Linda found one of patient Richard is suspicious. They go to question him, but they found that Richard is going to jump off roof.

Lucifer goes to see him, he tells them about Dr. Shaw’s wife. They found that she lied to them.

Linda goes to meet them about case, she tells them about Shaw’s wife stalks some of patient.

Chloe found Malcom in her house, he tells her that he wants to talk. He tells her about what happen, he tells her that he gets information from his CI about dirty cop. He warns her about the case.

They go to see Shaw’s wife, she tells them about Shaw cheat to her. Shaw is in love with other woman, she tells them that she loved Shaw. She tells them about therapy group.

Lucifer goes to the group of therapy, he found that Medina, Shaw’s assistance killed Shaw because he wants Shaw’s wife.

He try to attack Lucifer but Chloe shows up and knock him down. Chloe found that Malcom’s partner, Tony also Knows about Malcom’s position.

Chloe and Lucifer go to the crime scene again, they found Tony suicide. They found his suicide’s note.

At night Malcom goes to see Dan, congrat him about catch Tony. He said he knows he shot him.