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Grimm Season 5 Episode 13

Silence of the Slams

They found that the stick has power to heal, they decides to not tell everyone about it. A man,Kawama goes to get the mask from the shop, he is boxer. But he is paid to lose, he doesn’t want to lose anymore.

He tells mask maker that he wants mask like the champ, but he said to him it’s special and he is not ready.

At night Kawama has to fight with Mayordomo, he lost again. He is very upset, he tells his boss that he doesn’t want to lose. But he tells him to get his new mask because he torn his.

Kawama goes to mask maker, he ask him for mask that can help him win. He sign contact with his blood to get new mask. He agreed with him, mask maker is the wisen at night he goes out to get face from other wisen.

Nick didn’t tell Adalind about what he found, Eve found that Rachel may involve with the assassin.

At night Nick and Hank go to check about victim, his face is rip off. Next day Kawama goes to get his new mask, mask maker tells him do not wear it outside ring. But Kawama won’t listen to him, he wear it and found it give his power.

Eve goes to see Sean and ask him about him and mayor candidate. Nick and them found that victim is removed his face alive and he get poisoned.

Nick and Hank go ask Monroe and Rosalee about victim, they found that there is wesen that make mask from wesen.

At night Kawama goes to the ring to fight with Mayordomo again, but this time he win. But his boss is happy because crowd loves him.

Mayordomo is upset because he lost his position, he goes to confront Kawama. Kawama put masks on and killed him.

Nick and them found Mayordomo body, they found that he is wrestler. Kawama wants to wear the mask, but this time he wear it and become wesen.

Eve found relation between Sean and Rachel, Nick and Hank go to asks his manager about Mayordomo. He tells them about Goyo and his new mask.

Goyo goes to see mask maker, he tells him that his mask can removed by ceremony. He heard mask tells him not to trust mask maker, he starts to attack him. Nick and Hank show up and found he killed mask maker, he tells them before died it can removed with only ceremony.

Nick tells Monroe and Rosalee about ceremony to help him, they go to help them to make ceremony and help Goyo out of this.