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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 15

Lisa the Veterinarian

Today Simpsons is at aquarium, Bart make the pranks again and make all guest leave the building while he alone can play along.

One of the employee knocks down the raccoon, Lisa try to rescue it and it success. After that she is become famous.

At school her teacher gives her the hamster to be her responsible, she takes it to animal doctor. She wants to work with him, he is agreed. She starts to work with him as assistant. She is really enjoy to help the animal.

Marge agreed to work with police to be the crime scene clean up, she has first job to clean up. Homer warns her that it can really disturb her.

After that she is disturb by her job, while Lisa forgets her hamster. She lost him, she is very upset. Homer takes Marge to comfort her, Marge backs to herself again.