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Lucifer Season 1 Episode 6

Favorite Son

At night guard is killed at warehouse, Chloe and Lucifer go to check it. But he thinks it’s bored. He lefts, after Maze knows about his case. She tells him that it’s about hisĀ container.

He goes back to Chloe, she asks him what’s inside. He doesn’t tells her, Lucifer takes her to the man who knows. He tells them about diablo’s club, but he stills not tell her anything she asks Dan to find out about it. He goes to see Maze about her book account.

But Maze put him in Chloe’s bed naked, he backs to see her and get nothing from it. While Lucifer and Chloe to diablo’s club.

He goes there and ask them about his stuff, Hank shows up to take care of them. Chloe asks him about dock he responsible, but he doesn’t tell them anything.

Chloe thinks Hank will take care one who disobey his order. They following him to meet that person. But he shots Hank down, Lucifer takes her car out and following shooter.

That guy Lenny try to shoot Lucifer, but he missed. He keeps following him on roof. He tellsĀ him that he is hired, but he scared and jump down the roof.

They found his container in building, Chloe wants to see what inside. He show it to her, it’s russian doll. After she lefts, he open the hidden compartment and found that what he owned is missing, his wings.

He is very upset.