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The Simpsons Season 27 Episode 14

Gal of Constant Sorrow

Marge asks Homer to fixed the loosen tile, but she is not so sure. Homer managed to fixed it done. But he managed to make more problem, he try to cover it.

At playground Bart accidentally lost the homeless woman, Hettie ‘s cart, he sneaks her in his room. She gives him some money for rent.

Lisa notices that Bart has money, after she found about Hettie. She threaten to tell Marge and kick her out, but after fall in love in her son. she decides to shut her mouth. But she invites her in to her room instead.

She connects with her through the music, she wants to arrange the concert for her. She goes to see her teacher and help her.

Lisa managed to get her to the radio station, she gets the interview on live. But Lisa found something not right about her, then Marge shows up. They start to blame each other. Marge tells them to get her on time to concert, Homer try to get her but it’s too late. All audience are gone, Lisa is upset and tell her she won’t forgive her.

She starts to sing, Lisa forgives her. She is sent to re habitat and use her song there.