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Limitless Season 1 Episode 17

Close Encounters

At night to clear his mind, Brian wander around Newyork to help police on case. His conscious tells him to tell Rebecca the truth.

After he tried  to avoid Rebecca, but she shows up to him. Then they see the city is black out. They go back to FBI, Naz briefs them about it may be cyber attack.

Brian tells them that blackout has pattern and may related to the wind, Brian and Rebecca go to check the power plant.

He found something at generator, they found something in air. Brian saws it last night on one of victim.

They go to check the victim’s office, he found that one of city blue print is missing. After that he and Rebecca are quarantine for expose to unknowns substance.

They tell them that they expose by alien bacteria, as they feed by electricity. They will shutdown city, and they suppose to quarantine a while.

Brian thinks that victim is on plan to steal damage money, he thinks someone try to make the black out and try to get damage money.

Brian found that Rebecca send FBI to raid his pills, but they not found all. Rachel tells Brian’s mother about Brian’s pill she found in his room.

Boyle goes to check and found  that all millions are missing, after get files from NSA Brian found that 2 of scientists in town can do this blackout.

They question on Reid and Marshall, they found that Marshall release the bacteria. But they have alibi that they didn’t kill anyone.

They found that their assistant try to escape, they arrest them. After he goes back home, his parents ask him about his drug.

Mike,Ike take his pill, while his mother doesn’t want to see him. Brian decides to quit FBI.