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Gotham Season 2 Episode 13

A Dead Man Feels No Cold

Gordon andĀ Bullock go after Victor at factory that make liquid helium. They found a lot of victims there, Victor lefts message for them to release his wife.

Lee goes to see Bruce, she wants to check him about the abduction. Gordon tells Barnes about it, he plans to use Nora to Arkham and lure Victor there.

Bullock and Lee also against it, Lee wants to go with Nora too. Victor found that it’s a trap, but he thinks he can managed it. He just tested is freeze bomb on the river.

Gordon and Bullock take Nora and Lee to Arkham, to setup trap for Victor. Oswald shows up to see Gordon, he asks him to help him out. But he won’t, he shouted that he is the one who kill Theo.

Nora wakes up and found Lee, she feels sorry about Victor. Victor breaks in the Arkham, he used a man that he freeze his arm to break down the gate. While Victor break through the wall, Dr. Strange open door for Victor and Gordon, he managed them to meet each other.

Dr. Strange wants one of his formula exchange for his way out. While Gordon and Lee try to get her out, Victor shows up.

Lee wants to go with Nora, they force Gordon to stand down. After that they escape, Gordon thinks they might try to go home.

Nora switch the formula of his gun to be the one that not work, Victor freeze Nora. But after that he found that she switches the formula, then he found polices areĀ surround.

He decides to kill himself with his freeze gun. Victor wakes up and found Dr. Strange. He tells him about his condition.