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The Originals Season 3 Episode 15

An Old Friend Calls

Klaus is worried about all his sire line will comes to him, Elijah tells him to see his therapist. Camille is upset that Klaus didn’t kill Aurora.

After Kol revive, Davina worried about him and Klaus. Strinx’s people shows up to Marcel and tell him that some of their people is missing. Marcel tells them that he will help them check.

Klaus found Gasper in town, he wants to revenge him. Then Davina and Kol shows up, he chases her out. He helps them locate his enemy.

Vincent get the invite from Gasper, he wants him to find him something from ancestors. Camille shows up and found Gasper and Vincent, she found that he wants the white oak. Vincent tells him that Aurora hide it.

Marcel shows the dead of Strix to Elijah, he tells him that it’s Hayley. She tortured and kill them.

Klaus shows up to Gasper, he tells him that they are looking for white oak. Klaus killed him before kill him he learned that his sire will coming to him.

Elijah tells them there is a way, Klaus tells them he won’t run. Marcel covered the dead of the Strix by put it to Gasper. He tells them that they are more to come. Eijah also killed all Strinx that in the Hayley’s list and burned them.

Hayley tells Elijah that she can’t be with him because she feels like she hurt Jackson again and again.

Vincent found out where is the white oak. Klaus decides to leave city, while they cast spell to trick all of them that he is in city. He left with Hayley and Hope.

Kol can’t control his hungry again, he goes out to feed and he meet Finn.