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Gotham Season 2 Episode 12

Mr. Freeze

Jim is question by police’s committee about what happen. He tells them that Oswald gets Theo out and he can’t find him. They ask him that did he involve with Theo’s dead, he said no.

Barnes and Dent suspect James but they can’t do anything. Polices are looking for Oswald for killing Theo.

Theo’s sister goes to see Butch, she wants to stay with him. At night Police spot the suspicious man, she confront him. He use cold gun to freeze her and escape.

Nygma tells them that suspect might use liquid helium to frost the victim. Then Barnes shows up with Oswald captive, he tells Jim that what happen to Theo.

He questions Oswald about it, he tells him that he killed Theo because he is insane. Barnes tells Jim that Oswald back up his story.

The man who froze the police to dead that night, he is looking for way to help his sick wife, Nora by freeze her and restore her back. But he doesn’t success it yet.

Oswald is sent to Arkham, Mr. Freeze try to unfreeze his subject. But his subject instead of back to normal. He dissolve, Jim asks a Lucius about it. He told them about liquid helium that Wayne used to produced but it’s cancel.

Nora’s conditions is worst, Mr. Freeze try to get her medicine but the pharmacy guy didn’t want to help him. After that he back to the pharmacy and freeze him. Jim and Bullock get the call they head to there but he escape.

Oswald meets with Dr. Strange, they talk together about his problem. He tells him that he is here to cure his sick.

Nora accidentally found Victor’s lab, she found what he was doing. She is panic, Jim and Bullock found Nora’s address from her medicine. They go to her house and found the body.

They take Nora and his gun to police station, Nora decides not to tells them anything. Victor goes at station to confess but noone believe him.

Enigma found that freeze body escape, he walked out of it. Victor found that his formula is work.

Dr. Strange goes to secret level in Arkham, Indian hill. Then he figure out about Mr. Freeze.