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The Originals Season 3 Episode 14

A Streetcar Named Desire

Aya working with Aurora, she use her witches to shows her Triston. Elijah tells Freya about Rebecca, after that Klaus shows up with Stefan.

He wants Freya help to help him escape from hunters, Freya tells him what happen to Mikelson. After that Hayley tells Elijah about Aurora.

She goes to there alone and found Lucien, he tells her to get Klaus out of here. Klaus and Elijah go to see Aya. She shows them her body, then her witch move their mind to room with Triston and Aurora.

They tell them the plan to break sire line from them and get rid of them later. While them trying to find the object that represent themselves, so they can free.

Lucien tells them about their plan, he tells them that after spell done Aya will kill Klaus with white oak. Stefan shows up and wants to help.

They plan to attack the coven and get them out, Freya used Lucien as power source while Hayley, Stefan and Marcel go to get them.

Marcel sneaks them in, he tells Davina about Aya’s plan. But she doesn’t care Klaus, she wants them to free from Klaus.

Stefan remove his mask, his hunters aware it and heading to him. While Davina and Aya start to break the link.

Freya tells Lucien that she will cast her self in that room and break them out from inside. But she is too late, they already start.

Hunter shows up and attack Strix, Aya goes out to take care her. While Hayley sneaks in to get them out. But Davina stop her.

Freya found the objects that represent them, she takes them out but Davina try to break the link of Klaus only. Klaus found that his sire line broken.