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Grimm Season 5 Episode 12

Into the Schwarzwald

They think they fell in catacomb in the church, they think what they need is there. Nick and Monroe figure out where is the x. They found the chest with 7 locks, they try to open it. But can’t open, they need another 2 keys. Nick and Monroe try to get out, Nick thinks he found they way out but it’s a dead end.

Hank and Wu found place that shooter might be, but he is gone. They following him to the roof, Eve spots the shooter climbing down the building.

Marwan is knocks down by Eve, Lucien try to contact him but can’t. Tony shows up to Rosalee’s shop, he wants her help.¬†Adalind try to helps Rosalee from him, but he attack her. But then his hand starts to snap all, they think that her power is back. She tells her that she doesn’t want it.

After get out, Nick and Monroe thinks that they are looking for them. But they managed to escape from them.

Meisner and Eve put the track on Marwan, he try to get Lucien pick him up but instead he called police to get him.

Marwan found Hank, Wu and Sean there, they knock him down. Hank tells Sean that this must be a setup, he found that Rachel might after this.

At night Rachel shows up at Sean’s house, he asks her who is she working with. She shows him Lucien.

Nick and Monroe come back, they gathering and open the chest together. But the locked won’t open, Monroe thinks may be it need Grimm’s blood. He put his blood and try it again. Now it’s opening.

They found a stick, Monroe is not well. He is bite by poisoned, but when Nick put the stick on him he becomes heal.