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The Originals Season 3 Episode 13

Heart Shaped Box

Klaus is upset while looking for Aurora, Freya try very hard to find her but she didn’t success. Aurora shows up to her.

Davina tells Aya that only Kol knows the ingredient that can break their sire. Aya gives her the hand of glory, she can see Kol until he tells her what she need.

Klaus asks Hayley to help Camille from Aurora, Elijah call Klaus about Aurora took Freya. She left the note.

Freya wakes up and found Aurora, she tells her that she is waiting for her brothers. She shots her.

Elijah and Klaus track them to the wood, Elijah found cabin while Klaus following the blood smell to another way. He found the shallow grave, Freya is buried alive.

Aurora shows up with gun to Elijah, Freya asks Finn for help and give her position to Klaus.

Davica calls up Kol, Aya wants him to give them agent. But he said he will only tell Davina.

Klaus shows up with Freya, Aurora is shooting Elijha. She uses her power to help him and escape. Klaus goes after her.

Davina figured out that what is last ingredient, while Aya and her witch eavesdrop on them. They found that they need Harley’s heart.

Klaus is shot by Aurora, he is injures. Elijah shows up to stop her but he is shot. Davina try to warns Hayley, but too late they arrive and knock her down. Camille help her but they knock her down.

While they are ripping her heart out, Kol and Davina cast spell and knock all the witch down. Aya shows up and attack her, Marcel shows up and stop her. He convinces her that he will find another way.

Klaus try to help Elijah takes out the bullet, after that Hayley tells them about Strinx’s plan. She tells them that Jackson also has mirror of her heart. They going to get it but they are too late.