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The Originals Season 3 Episode 12

Dead Angels

Camille goes to get help from Vincent to help her to lure Klaus to see her, Aya tells Davina to channel with dead witch to find out here memory about weapon.

Camille tells Klaus that she wants all dark object he took to exchange with white oak, Elijah tells Hayley about Strinx and Aya.

Camille tells Klaus that she has plan to revenge onĀ Aurora, that’s why she need her dark object. He agreed.

Elijah goes to claim the Strinx back, but Aya challenges him with duel to claim the leader. But he is stronger than her, she tells him that she will never accept him. Marcel decides to interfere, he grab their charterĀ out. He tells them that if they can’t catch him by night, he will lead.

Klaus found one of witch from Stinx’s coven, she knocks him down. Camille and Vincent found the coven they attack them. He tells her to run out with it but one of them go to get it from Camille, she tortured her and get it.

Elijah found Marcel, he has no choice but invite him in. Marcel tells him that he is win, he convinces the strinx to join him. Elijah is very upset and leave.

Davina tells Camille that the witch who steals from her work for Aurora. Once she gets it she kill her.

It seems that Marcel works with Elijah, it’s all his plan to get Marcel control all Stinx. At night Aya tells him about her plan to free them from Elijah.

Aurora turn the white oak to the bullet. She plans to kill all of them.