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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8

Night of the Hawk

Vandal shows up at night on the meteor rock, he murdered some town people. After Rip and them arrives, they found that there is wield murdered they going to check.

Jax notices one of the girl that were with missing boy, he goes to asks her more information.

Sara found that Vandal is the doctor Knox, he has the physiological ward. While Ray and Kendra have Vandal as their neighbor. But seem he doesn’t remember them.

Knox invites Kendra and Ray in party, while Sara and Stein will sneaks around and find about his secret.

But then Knox’s men tells him that he has patient to attend. He has patient with wing and crawl.

Ray found Vandal dagger in his house, he escapes on time. While Jax goes date at night, he spots the Knox’s patient. She is attacked, but he gets her out. But he is stopped by the police, and knock down by him.

They found that Jeff is missing, girl that he dates is attacked by her missing boy friend that touch with meteor same as changed Kendra.

They plan to approach him, Kendra thinks she will use dagger and kill him. While the other find they to reverse effect of meteor.

Jax is captured by Knox and injected with meteor, Kendra goes to see Knox with knife. But Kendra is made by him, he hold her.

Captain cold and Stein found the wing creature, they knock them down. Jax shows up, but they escape from him. They get Jeft out, Stein gives him serum and he back to normal.