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The Flash Season 2 Episode 15

King Shark

Barry asks Harris to open breach for him, but he said he can’t. They decide not to talk about it.

At night guard at Argus try to lure Shark King out but he won’t. They close the grid, John and Lyla found the alarm off and found it kill all of them and it escape.

They go tell Barry about it, they think it’s going to kill him. Barry decides to get him before it gets to him. They found that before it turn to it, he has a wife.

Cisco and Caitlin go to see her to check about her work, while Flash, John and Argus team goes to find him.

One of Argus team found him and get killed and he is gone. At night while Barry is with Wally, King Shark shows up.

Flash fight with him, but he knocks him down. He escapes, he tells him that he can’t capture him when he is in water.

After attack, Barry tells Joe and Iris about their doppelgangers. He is very upset, after that Caitlin tells them how to track it.

At night they go to set up the trap to lure it, King shark shows up. Flash lure him in the sea, he is running on the water around it and knock him down.

After that Barry tells his team that he will not done with Earth 2, he will not let Zoom win. Next time he will beat him down.

At Earth 2, Zoom takes out his mask out. He is Jay.