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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7


Rip found out the stress signal about another ship of caption Eve. But they think it might be a trap, but they decides to try.

They found her ship, Rip, Heat wave, Stein and Jax abroad the ship. They found Jackson the time pirates.

Jackson contacts to Ray that he wants to on board, but Rip activated the code and Gideon starts to fire the ship. Jackson decides to shoot back.

They hit their ship, Sara and captain ColdĀ are stuck in the trap door until they fixed the breach. Rip command Gideon to cloak the ship and hidden.

They throw Rip and them to the prison with Captain eve, they try to figure out to escape.

Stein sneaks in the ship and disabled their weapon, Atom goes out in space to fix the breach.

Heatwave goes to make a deal with Jackson, he will turn him the ship exchange for let him goes home.

Ray fixed the breach but he almost dead, but hawkgirl rescue him. Then Heatwave shows up with pirates. While Heatwave goes to get time drive, pirates try to control the ship. Sara goes to stop Heatwave, Captain cold shows up and stop him.

Rip and them takes control the ship and gives Eve back the ship. She gives him the point where he can find Vandal.

After that Captain cold tells them that he will take care of Heatwave, he takes him to the wood. He shoots him.