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The Flash Season 2 Episode 14

Escape from Earth 2

Zoom wants them to bring him Harrison, Harrison tells Henry to take everyone out. Cisco tells him about Zoom takes Flash.

Zoom shows up at START lab, he asks Henry about Harrison and them. Harrison takes them to time vault and escape from Zoom.

One of prisoner try to send them signal, Barry tells Jesse that Harrison is looking for her. Zoom shows up and tell them reason she still alive because he is going to give Flash’s speed to him.

Barry tells Iris about another Barry, Cisco and Harrison. They want her to tell them where is Zoom, she tells them that Caitlin might knows.

Another Barry found where is Caitlin, Iris wants to go with them. Barry-2 also wants to go with for Joe-2.

Barry and Jesse try to figure out what other prisoner tell them, They figure out what he try to tell them, Caitlin fix V6 to V9 for Jay, Iris shows up and wants him to help her on job.

Fells shows up in city and dare Jay out to fight, he goes there and help people out. Her serum is works.

Other prisoner tells them about name “Jay”, but before he tells them more. Zoom shows up and beat him down.

Harrison and them found Caitlin-2, they ask her about Zoom’s place. But they failed to convinces her, she starts to attack them. But Cisco capture her.

Falls shows up at star lab, he try to lure Jay out. While he is attacking Iris, Caitlin shows up and knock him down.

Finally Caitlin tells them about Zoom’s lair, they get inside and found all prisoner. Caitlin-2 try to help them out, Barry tells them to leave before Zoom come.

Barry-2 convinces him that he can do, Barry try again and can get out. But before they leave, Zoom shows up. But Caitlin-2 try to stall Zoom, they all escape.

They all escape to STAR lab, they plan to escape from Zoom. They all leave back to Earth, while Zoom is after them. But Zoom grab Harry, he stabs him with injection and make him slow. Barry gets him out, but Zoom capture Jay back to Earth-2.