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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6

Star City 2046

They found the Arrow, but he start to attack them. They run and escape back to the ship, Rip tells them that future is not set yet.

Rip send Sara, captain cold and heat wave to get his part to fix the ship. While the other try to fix the ship.

On they way to building, they¬†found the war between gang. Sara found green arrow is shot, she goes to see him. He tells her that Oliver is dead. He tells her that Slade’s son who get army here and get the city down.

After that Slade’s son and his men shows up, they escape. Captain frost and Heat wave takes out the gang and become leader.

Green arrow tells them about Felicity’s equipment is relocated, they takes them to her¬†base. They found old Oliver there. He tells them where is Felicity’s stuff.

Deathstroke shows up to Heatwave and Captain cold, he wants his gang to find green arrow, Rip and Sara. Captain cold convinces Heatwave to safe their friends.

Rip found the thing he is looking but Deathstroke’s men shows up and taken Arrow. Sara tells Rip that she wants to get him back, but he tells her that this future is not real.

Sara decides to help Green arrow, Rip tells her that in one hour he will leave with her or not. Sara goes to see Oliver to help Conner, while Deathstroke try to execute him.

Sara shows up to distract him while Oliver shows up and rescue them, then Rip and their friends shows up and knock them down.