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The Flash Season 2 Episode 13

Welcome to Earth-2

Flash goes to close all the breaches around city, now they are ready to go to earth-2. They tells Jay and Caitlin that they have to close the breaches if they don’t come back. But after they left, the gate is closed.

They all arrives to earth-2, Wells takes them to his lab. After see the news, Zoom is make more trouble. Cisco try to use his power but his power is disabled, he has to fix his goggle. Barry found another him on news, he goes out and take him. He will disguise as him and goes to check police about zoom.

He found that he ans Iris marriage, Deadshots is one of police. Caitlin and Ronnie are one of Zoom’s men. Barry found that his mother alive, Joe is best singer.

At earth-1, they found another meta-human shows up. Joe tells Jay to help them protect their world. He tells Caitlin that he lost speed because V6, Zoom didn’t takes out his speed.

While Barry and Iris at club, Caitlin and Ronnie show up. Iris try to arrest them, Barry try to help her. He takes them out and chase them out. Joe is hurt, Barry tells Harry that he wants to help them.

Joe is dead in hospital, after that Iris wants to revenge Caitlin and Rodney. Barry tells Cisco to help her.

At night Joe try to arrest …, Jay shows up and help him but his V6 is wearoff. He almost get killed, Joe chase him out.

Iris, Lawton and Cisco go to get Caitlin and Ronnie. Cisco also found himself. He worked for Zoom, he tells him that he doesn’t want to work for Zoom anymore. He knocks down Cisco, while Ronnie knocks Flash down.

Caitlin try to warn them that Zoom wants him alive, Zoom shows up and kill Ronnie and Earth-2 Cisco. After that he takes Barry out.

Barry found that he is captured by Zoom, he found Jessee and other prisoner. Zoom tells him this is last place he will see.