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Arrow Season 4 Episode 15


Oliver with Felicity on device that Curtis built to help her walk, then Darhk shows up to them. He tells him that he has his son, he threaten him to back off from election.

Samantha shows up to Oliver, he asks her what happen to him. She is freaks out that how he can help her son, he has no choice but tell her that he is green arrow.

While they are looking for help, Oliver tells them about Vixen. He goes to get her help, Vixen shows up and help them tracks William with her magic.

Thea goes to see Malcom, but he tells her that he didn’t. Olivier and them found where is William, he and his team get in. Vixen and Arrow try to fight him, but he is stronger then them. He escapes.

Vixen thinks that Darhk must has some magic source, Lance tells them that he saw Darhk with Totem earlier, Vixen tells him to draw for her. Olivier get called from Darhk that he wants him to drop from mayor now.

Vixen found whats is his source, they found where is he keep it.They go there to destroy his power source. Vixen gets in and get his totem out, and destroy it.

Darhk lost his power, Arrow then knocks him down. Polices shows up and rescue him. Lances tells them that actually it’s Malcom who take William.

Thea is very upset at Malcom, he tells her that he did it for her. He sees the big picture but she won’t. He doesn’t want her to die.

Felicity walks away from him, and return him ring.