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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 15

Beyond the Mat

Wrestling sober man is hang up by invisible power, after he try to hung up his opponent on stage.

Dean tells Sam about the dead wresting man, Lucifer commands his hell to find another hand of god.

Dean and Sam go to funeral, they met with their heroes. They go to see their show, after that outside the show one man is killed during he goes out pee.

Dean goes back to ask around, one of them tells him about curse. She tells him that when they were on one tour, they found a body near the trash.

At night one of wrestler Harley fight with other,Gunnar. He excuses him for using drug. Dean goes to check that one of wrestler is demon or not. But Sam found him later that he failed.

Sam and Dean go to check Harley’s room, they found his room’s trash. They found from footage that he is kidnapped by Gunnar.

Harley wakes up and found Gunnar, he try to sorry him but he said it’s not depend on him. Duke shows up to him and ask him what he wants, he tells him that he wants his soul or his service exchange for what he wants.

He refused, Duke cut him injured and tells Gunnar to finish him. Dean and Sam following him and found Gunnar and Duke, He asks Gunnar to kill him, while he stop Sam.

Crowley is tricked by one of demon to lead Lucifer to his archive, he is going to takes his rod. But Crowley already takes it, he absorbed its power and attack Lucifer. But one of his demon protect him, while he try to hit 2nd time he has no power. Seem it can use only one time. Crowley escapes after that.

Duke tells Sam about mess in hell and darkness, so he has to build his own nest. But Dean and Gunnar shows up and kill Duke.