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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 15

I Would for You

Rayna regenerated and get back, she keeps after Stefan. Rayna shows up and rescue Matt from get killed from Julian’s vampire. She asks them about Stefan.

Stefan and Valarie are on the road, they are looking for witches that Freya suggest, it might help him from her.

Damon shows up while Rayna are looking for information, Matt help him and knock her down. Damon takes out her heart, and cut her in piece.

But she stills alive back, Damon try to convinces her to stop. But she won’t, Valerie and Stefan are knock down by witch.

Bonnie goes to see Enzo, she found Alex. She tells her that she wants to get Rayna, she shows the shaman that help Rayna. Enzo tells her that every time Rayna dead, the shaman is decay. Bonnie tells Damon about that, he killed her again.

Enzo tells her that every time she revived she will be stronger, but he tells her about link between victim and Rayna. So if her last life gone, Stefan will die.

Damon goes back and dig her up, he helps her before she died. Stefan asks Caroline to run with him. But she wants to stay to help Alaric.

Armory shows up before she killed Damon, they capture her. Alex tells Enzo that she also need to get Bonnie too.

Damon tells Stefan after he is back that he wants to leave him to side with Elena, Matt shows up at night. he tells him that all vampires must leave city otherwise he will expose him and Damon.

He agreed to leave, but he decides not to involve with Caroline and Alaric. Bonnie found about Damon’s plan, she tells him that she is not OK.

3 years later, Stefan goes to wake Damon up. They try to escape but Rayna finally use Caroline hostage, Stefan shows up and get captured.

Rayna tells him that he should transfer his mark to Damon, it was his idea.