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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 14

The Vessel

In 1943 while Nazi captured France, his woman asks him about treasure he just hand on it. She wants to see what is it, after she confirmed what is it. She kill him and get it back for men of letters.

Sam tells Dean about Nazi’s secret weapon that can help them win the war. They describe it as Hands of god. But it’s missing and get by one of women of letters.

At hell Lucifer takes over it from Crowley, he is chained. Sam and Dean try to find the clue about the artifact, they figure out that while it ship to bunker it sunk.

They decides to ask to Castiel about it, he tells them that he can make them time travel. But Dean tells Sam he will goes alone with Castiel.

Dean appears on the ship, but Castiel is missing. after that Castiel shows up alone he tells Sam that he didn’t get on the ship.

Dean disguise as the crew and try to find Delphine, once he meets her she knocks her down. He tells them that he come from future. He also tell them about their fate.

Dean try to convinces her to help him, finally she believes him. He tells them when they ask are they going to died. She shows him the weapon and give it.

But their ship can’t escape them, they decide to fight with them. Delphine try to remove the blockage. They try to escape the destroyer, Delphine tells him to kill her to remove the blockage.

While the destroyer drop the bomb to their ship, Castiel try to cast the spell for archangel. Sam tells him to use his soul to make him has enough power.

But Sam found out Castiel is Lucifer, while he try to take out his soul. Castiel makes him stop. He tells Sam that they need Lucifer to safe Dean.

German’s destroyer contact them to give them back the girl and cargo, then they will spare them. Delphine tells them she will destroy first ship and help Dean out. She use power from it and get him back.

Dean is back, Sam tells Dean that it’s not Cass. After Lucifer knocks them down, he try to use the hands of god. But it’s not work, they found that it can use only one time. Sam cast him out.