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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 14

Moonlight on the Bayou

Caroline takes Josie and Elizabeth to see Klaus at new Orlean, but she found that Klaus is gone for 3 years.

Stefan is on running from Rayna, he is heading to the Valerie’s safehouse. She tells him that it should be able to stop her from tracking.

Damon and Bonnie go to see Enzo, he shows them the armory. Enzo tells them about Alex, woman who is from armory. if he help her she will gives her information about his family.

Alaric tells Caroline that he wants to leave to Dallas, she against him that he wants to hire nurse with him. She wants to go with him.

Stefan goes to see new Orleans and meet Klaus there, Damon tells Valerie about the armory. She tells him it’s a lie, he has to get out from that ASAP. But Enzo knocks them down before they leave.

Damon wakes up in the cell along with Tyler, he tells him that Tyler works for them for a while. He wants him to give Stefan’s location otherwise when Tyler transform he will be with him.

Bonnie gets out from Enzo, while Damon called him about Klaus’s blood. After he found that Stefan is following by Rayna he wants him to leave. But after he talks with Caroline, he promises her that Stefan will safe.

Stefan found that Rayna is closed after him, she meets him. But before she killed him, Klaus shows up and stop her.

Bonnie try to help Damon out but Tyler accidentally knock her down, Damon try to heal her but it’s not work. He takes her out.

Alex tells Enzo about his family, she tells her that his father founded the Armory. Alex tells him that she is his family.

Damon decides to escape from all his friends life, so they don’t need to worry about him anymore.