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Supernatural Season 11 Episode 13

Love Hurts

Mel’s husband has affair with their baby sitter, Staci. She tells him to tell her the truth. After that when she is alone, someone she knows show up and grab her heart out.

Sam tells Dean about Staci’s case, they head to there to check. Mel and her husband didn’t tell them much, after that Dean go to talk about Mel’s husband. Sam goes to check her body.

Mel’s husband tells Dean that he has affair with Staci, he has camera that might captured murderer. He shows him the feed, it’s him who kill her. But he said it’s not him and he has alibi.

Sam and Dean found that he is shapeshifter. At night while Dan is alone, Staci shows up. He freaks out, she tells him that she wants her heart. She grabs his heart out.

Dean and Sam found from witness that killer is Stacy, they go question Mel. Seem she already know that her husband has affair but she didn’t kill him. They suspect that she is shapeshifter, but she is not.

After they left, Mel try to destroy all evidence. That night while Mel is alone, she found that her husband try to get in. She try to escape from him, she escapes and go to see Dean and Sam.

She tells them about white witch, she did what she tell her. She shows them her spell, Sam found that it’s a curse.

Dan shows up and following her, Dean decides to kiss her to get transfer. It works he is after Dean, they escape from there.

They go to see white witch at her shop, they found that they will come with looks like their desire. They found that they have to kill the witch to destroy it.

Sam found witch heart, but he is captured by her. Witch tells him that she wants to punish the cheater and woman who want them back. Amara shows up and attack Dean, Mel shows up and help Sam. Sam shots witch dead and destroy the heart.