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The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 13

This Woman’s Work

In 1842, Rayna asks her father about her father tattoo. She wants him to teach her how to fight. After that 5 years, she finally win his father. But that day also day that she lost him to Julian. He compelled her to kill her own father,

Rayna breaks out the cell, Bonnie shows up to Damon tells him about huntress. Then she figured out that he has fun. While Stefan found Caroline’s condition is worst, now they take her baby out.

Enzo called Bonnie about Rayna’s sword, he threaten him to help him get sword otherwise he will tells Bonnie about Elena.

They found that babies doesn’t want to get out, so they can feed Caroline’s magic. Stefan tells Caroline about Valarie’s plan to get the baby out. They need the help from Beau, Nora and Mary.

Damon and Bonnie found that Rayna hostage Enzo, she shots Bonnie down. Damon throw the sword out, Rayna goes to after it.

In past, Rayna is goes after Julian she is the one who mute Beau. After that Julian and them escape.

Mary calls Bonnie about huntress coming for Beau, they have to escapes. Valarie stays to help Caroline. But Rayna shows up and killed Beau, Mary and Nora escape. After she burn him down then she enter the hospital.

Damon and Bonnie shows up , Damon try to stop Rayna. Bonnie tells Stefan to help Damon. While Bonnie help Valarie on her babies, before Rayna kill Damon. Stefan blocks her and get stabbed but he alive.

Caroline’s babies are out and safe, Enzo tells Damon that Elena still alive in new York. Last time it’s was Tylers’s decoy coffin.

Caroline found from Bonnie that Stefan is on run from huntress, Damon tells Stefan that he will find the way to stop huntress. Elaric takes Josie and Elizabeth to Caroline.

3 years later, Caroline takes Josie and Elizabeth to see her old friend at new orleane.