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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 15


Alex try to get Kara work with DEO again, Kara stills upset because of Hank. She tells her may be she should work alone.

Cat gets the thumb drive from hacker, he wants her to publish it. But she doesn’t want to, Lucy try to convinces her but she is not agreed.

After that hacker hacks in Cat co, she tells them that she disappoint in them. She tells them now that they have control all communication, traffic, bank. They see a lot of accident happen, Kara goes out to help people.

Next day at Cat co, she wants them to find the hacker identity so they can stop her. Winn found the way to hack back hacker, but she hacks back to Winn and shows up. She is Indigo, she starts to attack Winn and Jimmy.

Hank and Alex shows up to help them out, Indigo escapes. They tells her that they following the signal to her room. Kara still refused to work with him.

Non goes to see Indigo, she tells him that she just start apocalypse. Only them can survive.

Alex comes to get Winn to help them stop the hack, Jimmy tells Kara about superman’s fortress to find out about alien info.

His robot tells them about indigo, it tells them that Indigo is one the most dangerous prisoner there. Jimmy try to convinces Kara to work with Hank but she can’t.

Lucy found that Indigo plans to nuke city, she will take the general who can do that to do it. She infiltrate into the base with his phone, she knocks them down and get their key and launch the nuke.

supergirl shows up and fight with indigo, but she found that she already launch it.  She try to hold her while the missile is firing. Kara gets off her and following it.

She try to stop it, but it won’t change course. She asks Hank for help, he tells her how to stop it and she did it on time.

Kara goes back to capture her, but Indigo goes to captured Winn and threat Kara. Winn upload virus to her and killed her, before she dead she tells her that she is the one who takes her out the Phantom zone.