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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 6

My Struggle II

Tad call Scully about Mulder, he tells her about fact. They found that his place is trashed, and he is missing.

Scully tells Skinner and Einstein about Alien’s DNA, Scully and Einstein go to hospital to check their DNA. Muler is on the road and he is beaten.

Miller shows up and show them about Tad’s interview. Scully thinks what he said it’s already happen.

Einstein asks Scully about how they can shutdown their immunity, what triggers it. Then she gets call from Monica, she tells her about man with cigarettes. She tells her about his ultimate weapon that can kill anyone by decide.

She tells her that both of them are protected, she tells her that he send man to offer Mulder for the deal.

Mulder goes to see that man, he tells him that he wants to make deal with him. He wants him to work with him otherwise he will dead in week.

City’s hospital now filled with patient, Scully thinks that she can amplify her DNA then can build vaccine from it. Einstien decides to help her create it. But they found that Scully’s DNA has no it. She found that all doctor and nurse are sick too.

Einstein thinks that her sample is too small, she starts to amplified her cell for cure. Einstein is also sick,¬†Mulder’s condition is worst, he is infected. Miller shows up and help Mulder out.

Scully finish her vaccine, after that she left to find Mulder and Miller. She gives them the vaccine, but she found Mulder’s condition is worst they need their children to safe him.

Then Aliens’s UFO shows up to them.