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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 14

Truth, Justice, and the American Way

At night Non shows up to see Kara and Alex, he wants her to go for Astra’s funeral. She agreed to go with him, after the funeral Non tells her that they will pause for mourning 2 weeks. After that she will be next one.

Kara goes to office and found that Cat hired another assistant, Cat call Jimmy and Lucy about Max’s missing. She wants to find the way to help Max, she thinks that he might be kidnapped, worked on project or he has affair with someone.

Jimmy tells Kara that they should not hold Max, at DEA he brief his agents about one of prisoner missing. Alex and her team found him and armor man. After he knocks them down and he takes him out.

Armor man tells DEO’s prisoner that he is Master jailer, no body escape. He execute him.

Alex and Hank go to ask local police about him, one of them tell them about the killing of alien. All of them are decapitate.

Lucy found that Jimmy knows about DEO and supergirl, she is upset. Alex and Hank foudn that Master jailer is after each prisoner one by one.

Kara goes to stop him before he kill the next prisoner, but she failed. He managed to escape her and get prisoner with him.

Jimmy try to convinces Kara to release Max, after that Alex tells Kara that they found that Master jailer is one of the cop. But they point to wrong one, his friend Draper is Master jailer. He shots down Alex and the other police.

Alex wakes out and found that Kara is kidnapped, Kara wakes up and found captured with Crypton red light. She meets the other prisoner, Master Jailer shows up.

Alex found hat Master jailer is one of the guard of fort ross. They found where is him, Master jailer tells Kara that he is going to punish.

Alex and her team are at his cabin, but it’s empty. Then she found Drapa’s ship, she breaks in it. And give her sun light, Kara breaks out and knock him down.

Kara and Alex decide to let Max go, Alex tells him that if he exposes them. DEO has all his evidence and document will takes him down with them.