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The X-Files Season 10 Episode 5


2 men park their car and get in art gallery before they detonate themselves. Next day FBI Miller and Einstein go to see Mulder and Scully they asks them to help them about finding terrorist cell. One of the bomber is survive the explode, one of them think that they should talk with the survivor.

Mulder call Einstien tells her about terrorist’s cell, Scully calls Miller about how to get survivor’s confession.

Mulder tells her about his theory, he wants her to help him administrate the magic mushroom to him so he can communicate the other terrorist cell.

Scully tells Miller about way the communicate with survivor. Then 2 men shows up and demand survivor’s body. But they won’t agreed, they leave.

Einstein found that Miller is with Scully, she is upset and call Mulder to see her, she willing wants to help him.

Another FBI shows up tell them about bomb threat, he wants them to evacuate but Miller and Scully won’t. After they left, one of nurse try to kill survivor. But Einstein and Mulder shows up, he takes magic mushroom and wander around instead of talk to survivor.

After Mulder wakes up, on they way they gets out. Mulder spots Noora. She is survivor’s mother, Shiraz. She tells them that she heard him talk to her in dream and prayer. Mulder also remember that he talks to him during his high in arabic. After that he is dead.

Mulder tells them what he heard, they found out about babel hotel. FBI get all of his terrorist cells.