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Supergirl Season 1 Episode 13

For the Girl Who Has Everything

Kara wakes up and found Kelex the robot and she see her mother. She tells her that she had Argon’s fever. She found that she is on Cryptron.

Alex, Winn and Jimmy found that Kara is missing, they found her at apartment. She has alien organ on her body. Alex thinks it comes from Max. They go to asks him but he has no idea.

Non tells Astra that he used black mercy on Kara, it’s better for her to die like this. She doesn’t agreed, Alex and them try to put it off but she is crashing.

Kara thinks she is tricked, she is looking way to get out. Cat tells Winn that she needs to see her in hours otherwise she will fire her.

Alex asks Hank to disguise as Kara, he goes there and try to cover for her. He goes to see Cat, he tells Winn and Jimmy that he can handle her.

Alex try to ask Crypton’s AI how to help Kara, but it can’t. Kara start to forget about earth. Kara also meet Astra there, she starts to forget.

Astra shows up to Alex, she tells her that she comes to help and tells her about Black Mercy. She tells her how to help Kara, she has to enter Kara’s mind.

At first Hank doesn’t agreed with her plan, then he has to goes back to talks to Cat to allow her to take day off. He pretend to cry and make her let her goes.

Hank and Alex think that Astra’s men try to do something this time while she is down, she tells Max that the alien will comes to him more. He agreed to help her built device to allow Alex get in her conscious.

Alex goes inside her head, she found herself on Crypton. While Hank is figuring out about Non’s attack. Winn tells them about satellite’s down may be it’s related.

Alex shows up at Kara, but she doesn’t remember her. She knocks her out, after that they are going to banish Alex to phantom zone.

Alex try to convinces her to reject this reality, finally she found out. But they won’t let her go, after Alex wakes up. Black mercy also get out from her. Kara asks them who did this to her, Alex tells her that it’s Non.

Winn found that Non left virus in the communication network at Max’s facility. They go there and Kara found her, she hit him down.

Alex try to convinces Astra to help them, but Hank shows up and fight with her. While she is going to kill him, Alex stab her dead. They call Kara to talks to her for last time.