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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 8

Bad Blood

They tell her that they should give the card to Clave, Clary think it is only way to save her mother. So they hid it in institute.

After that they think Circle try to break in, they go out to check. They found Simon unconscious in arm of Raphael, he tells them about Camille. He tells them that he went back to Camille.

He tells them that they can help him but let him turn to vampire or kill him with sunrise. Valentine’s man tells him that Clary has cup.

Alec and Isabelle are called by their parent, they asking about interfere. Clave will comes to audit them, they ask them not to make them trouble.

Valentine shows up at institute. Alec try to stop him, but he turn back to Lydia. She is audit from Clave, she wants to know where is Clary.

Valentine send his men to attack Luke’s men. Clary and Jace go to see Simon’s mother about Simon, instead tells her that he’s dead. She won’t.

Lydia and Alec go to check that attack of Luke’s pack, Luke is there tells them about Forsaken. They are difficult to killed, after that they take it back to institute to check. They use Magnus to check if there is any magic involve.

Alec learned that his parent was in Circle with Valentine, he is upset. Clary go to see Luke. She tells her about Simon, she doesn’t know what to do to Simon.

After talks with Luke, Clary decides to buried Simon. Camile shows up and wants him back, she takes her men. Raphael try to convinces them to take down her because she break the law.

After that they buried Simon in the hole, Clary is very sad. Alec goes to see Lydia, he propose to married with him for politic.

Simon wakes up as vampire, Raphael gives him blood bag. He drinks all of them, while Isabelle checking the body of forsaken. She found that it’s a trap, the other forsaken shows up and fight with Hodge.¬†Alec shows up to help him, but finally they knock i down.

Simon found that he is vampire, he is very upset. Clary try to clam him, but he freak out and run out. Raphael tells them he will look after him.