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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 18

The Fast and the Nerdiest

Sylvester wants to get the money from TV Show, he is there to get selection on game. He win the game with 100K.

Mic shows up and wants to see Cabe, he tells him that he is in trouble. He has info and wants to exchange with his safety to get out country.

He tells them about Grady, he worked with. He smuggled things out with his car. He tells them about toxic biotic that they might smuggled.

Walter agreed to check out his story, after Mick setup. Walter, Toby and Happy go to see Grady. They are kidnapped to see him.

He wants them to help him make his car faster, but Toby setup Walter to race with Grady’s driver. While Walter stalls them, Happy is looking for evidence about biotic weapon receipts.

Sylvester and Paige found the address from receipts they check inside, while Walter is going to race with Grady.

Toby found that they have virus that will take down some people in some genome. But Happy is made by Grady’s men. While he is asking them about who are them, Cabe shows up and rescue them.

They found that Mick just out with the biotic, Cabe thinks that Mick might be with his girlfriend. They are looking for them, they¬†found his girlfriend and Grady’s men. They also waiting for him.

Cabe warns his girlfriend about Grady’s men. They try to get her out before Grady’s men get her. Cabe try to convinces her to help, Mick call back he¬†doesn’t want to lost money. He left her, she tells them his plan.

They found where he might stop for gas, they following him and try to stop him. Cabe arrest him.