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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 7

Major Arcana

After Clary tells them about the cup, they thought that Valentine gets it from Dot. But Luke tells them that he has it, but they have to be discrete.

Simon wakes up with Maureen at his side, he saw her as Clary she is upset. Then he find excuse and get out.

Luke and them back to station and found Internal Affair’s agent Fisk shows up and take him out. Jace and Clary decide to get it out. Luke tells them about it, he tells them do not trust any one.

Clary and Jace make a scene to get in for Luke’s stuff, but Luke’s captain tells her that all his belong is taken for investigate.

Luke’s captain goes to see Internal affair for the list he seize, he gives her the list. Luke found that his captain is┬ádead. But as he was with Internal affair so he has an alibi.

Alec and Isabelle shows up to help them distract, while they will goes to the vault themselves.

Luke asks Alaric to help him find the demon, he thinks she disguise as captain and after Clary.

They go to the vault and get the card, but she can’t get it out. After they get it out, they found that demon is after them. Alec stay back to hold them off while they take Clary back to institute.

But they are tracking by demon, they tells her to run. She run but she get the dead end, she pull cup out and chase them out. She run back to Jace and Isabelle, she found Jace. He tells her to gives her cup, she stabs him dead.

Luke and Alec shows up, she following them back to institute. She kiss him when found him.