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Scorpion Season 2 Episode 17


A man found a drone carried the drug fell down on his land, Walter and Toby still with session with their therapist. They found that Toby has relations with Happy.

Toby and Walter back, he tells them that he is involve with Happy. Then Cabe and agents from DEA shows up that there is using of drone to carry the drug inside US.

They have plan to be able to fired all drone out of sky, Walter tells them that one of them might leave the team or they have to break up.

They use Sylvester’s drone as test, it works. Then they found that there are army of drones head to them and they are equip with weapon. They barely escape the first wave, look like someone notify them.

They found the 2nd wave coming, Walter has plan to put them in the trap. It works but they found one of them immune to their weapon, they try to get it before the pilot get it and adapt his drone.

They found drug dealer and drone, Cabe gets to get drone. But he is made, they are surround. DEA shows up and help them out, Walter get the drone out. But they send the drone after them.

Cabe shots it down but DEA agent and car are hit, they are heading to shack around for rest. Sylvester and Happy stop the bleed, Walter and Cabe try to stop them. But their backup shows up and chasing them.

They are trapped in canyon, they are captured by them. Sylvester use the drone to make them down. They are all safe.