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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 6

Of Men and Angels

Clary and Jace takes Luke to see Magnus, he has dreams about Jocelyn. She tells him that Clary is the key to stop Valentine.

Magnus tells them he need help from Alec, at institute Alec’s father and brother shows up. His father wants them to take Clary back for safety, Jace try to get Alec to help them.

Alec notices the his mother might has problem with Clary, he asks what he has to do to help her.

Magnus tells Clary story about Valentine, how he hates the demon seem he wants to kill all demon and half demon. He tells her about uprising, and his attempt to get the cup.

Luke and Jocelyn stop him from get the cup and she hide the cup, but she stop to be shadowhunters for her.

Isabelle tells Alec that they are going to make him marry for politic. She also has to handles her Seelie’s connection.

Magnus try to help Luke, but he is weak. But before he pass out, Alec and Jace show up with ingredients. Clary made it on time and help him.

Luke wakes up and talks to Clary about her secret, after knows it she will be able to find the cup.

Luke tells her that he and Jocelyn become fell in love, and it changes him. It make Valentine hurt, Valentine also try to killed him but he escapes from it. And when Jocelyn helps Luke from his attack, he thinks that she already choose him.

He try to kill both of them, but now he turn shadowhunters to kill each other. After that he tells her she should be able to find out where is cup. She asks him about box she found, he tells her about brother.

When she upsets she accidentally put the box in the paper, she thinks she know where is her mother hide the cup.