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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 5

Moo Shu to Go

Clary tells what she saw to Jace and Alec, he takes her necklace to keep it from Valentine tracking her back.

Isablelle’s mother shows up, she tells them about problem She tells them that someone upset natural order, she asks them to find out from Sellies. They will go on mission again tonight.

Alec go to help Clary trained, she tells him about box that belong to Valentines. She thinks she will go and get it, Alec found that she is missing. Before Jace out, he asks him to take care of her.

Leader of werewolf convinces his men to take care of cup themselves, Alec found her. She gets call from Simon, after knows about her he wants to help. They are looking for something that can help her mother.

Isabelle and Jace go to see her informant, Valentines get the volunteer and changed him to forsaken.

Clare, Simon and Alec go to her mother loft with shortcut, after they found a lot of rune there. Simon also see them, after enter they found her loft is burned. Alec thinks that her mother burned it, but they found hidden part on floor.

They found Valentine’s box, they notices something outside. Alec go to check and found the wolf. After that he found that she is kidnapped.

Alec tells Jace about Clary, he is upset when he knows that Clary is kidnapped. They takes them to the warehouse, they talk about Luke.

Alaric’s Luke’s friend, he tells her that Luke try to safe her. They need to know where is the cup, but she tells them she doesn’t know. They threaten her with Simon’s life.

Simon use his strength and try to get out, he called Jace about where is him. They tell him to make distraction. One of them takes her out in container, but Luke shows up and takes her out. But Alec and Jace shows up and knock him down.

But they are surrounded by werewolves, before alpha shows up to attack them Luke shows up and help them. He become new alpha. They take him to see Magnus to help him.