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Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 4

Raising Hell

Clary tells Simon that she wants to get her memory back so she can get her mother back, she tells him about her part’s memory about Magnus. Simon tells her that he heard name Magnus from Camille.

Clary tells Jace about Magnus, he tells her that he is powerful warlock. He might be to help them get the cup. Then she found that Simon is leaving, she try to stop him but he won’t listen. He wants her to come with him but she won’t, he upsets and leaves.

After they knows about Magnus, they plan to lure him out to the biggest party. Hodge tells them about Magnus’s necklace. If they give to him he might help them.

One of Magnus’s man try to stop him from meeting with Clary but he won’t listen. He wants the necklace

Jace and Clary go to see Magnus, while talking he tells her that Dot is dead. He wants her to go with him for protection, but she disagree. They think it’s a circle who found them, they have to leave. Magnus gone, but before he disappear Clary grab his button.

Alec and Jace track Magnus and following him there, they found Valentine’s men. They help Magnus from trouble, Clary convinces him to fight with them but he tells her he will give back her memory.

Magnus tells her they have to summon memory demon, after prepare they start. He tells them do not let goes of their hand.

But during the summon, Alec let his hand out the demon try to get out. Demon grabbed Jace, they all try to put him out. Clary has no choice but kill it, she lost her memory forever.

Simon goes back to see Camille, Clary try to see her mother but Valentine also found her. He wants her to gives him cup.