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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 16

Second Chances

A man on his bike ride around the city to his warehouse, he found strange man try to get something out. They struggle and is push down in construct site hole and dead.

NCIS goes to check the victim, he is Jim. He is construction’s site manager for Navy pipe, from his camera they found the killer, Julian.

After put on BOLO, they found his van. They found he’s killed in accident, they found he stolen TNTs and now they are missing.

They found that Julian sold TNTs to someone in black market, they found that he stops at gator diner before accident. They found that Julian use her dock to transport the crates into the river.

They found spot that might be the place, King and his men go there and found the base. They found that they making drug there, among of them they found Sonja.

She tells him that Marions her friend now running whole operations, she is working with other agent. They think they use TNT to wash out for build drug.

They found Marion’s shop, Sonja try to check out. She meets her there, after that Chris and her following Marions out.

They¬†heard the sound like gun at Marion’s house, she and Chris show up but they are wrong. They question her at NCIS, she is not agreed to help them.

Sebastian found that the process the wash cocaine with TNT not work, it killed one of the drug dealer there. They try to make Marion help to find out about tainted drug. Sonja try to convinces her to help.

But she won’t, Sonja threaten her with her son life for drug and Kirk. She agreed to help, she goes to meet with Kirk. They found that she is shot by him, he left her on ground. But they found he is missing.

After that they found Kirk with false identity, they go to arrest him. They found that Marion’s aunt sold her out. Sonja try to get in alone, and get her daughter out.