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NCIS New Orleans Season 2 Episode 15

No Man’s Land

A marine and a man try to stop other man who just shot a woman, but he is shot while struggle with him.

NCIS goes to check about that marine, Mark. Chris asks him about the other man, but he doesn’t know about him.

Sebastian found out about man who help Mark, he is Nolan. He was disappear for years in war. They found that Nolan was kidnapped by terrorist but look like he escaped.

Patton found that Nolan makes some lease, King and other go to see his place but found nothing. Then Bashir shows up, he start to running off. He escapes from them, Chris see his face.

They think that Nolan and Bashir might work together for attack, they found that he visit the grave several times. They meet Nolan there, they arrest him. He said if they take him in, something will happen.

Nolan tells them how he survived the kidnapped, he tells them about his wife. She is Bashir’s sister, he tells them that he try to plan to stop his attack. He tells them that Bashir has more than one attack.

They found later that CIA who following Bashir is killed, they think Bashir killed him when he following Nolan.

King found that CIA blackmail Nolan’s wife to force him to help them, but Nolan tells him that he didn’t kill that CIA. They decide to let him go, but he escape.

Patty spots Nolan at the van, they following them to hotel but no sign of Bashir and Nolan. Bashir force Nolan to do something in hotel, King found that they are target IMF’s officer.

King and agents surround him, Bashir found that Nolan is betray him. He didn’t kill that IMF agent, he killed Bashir before he try to pull out grenade.